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Get a 60-minute consultation, full nutrition assessment, 30-minute follow-up call, and a FREE copy of my eBook Plant-Based Nutrition In A Nutshell (worth £10)


A Plant-Based Power Hour is a personalised check-up designed for anyone who wants to better understand how to get complete nutrition from their plant-based diet.

I help vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and everyone in between, thrive using the power of plants.


No more google search rabbit-holes – save time and energy by having a trusted resource on hand to answer all of your nutrition questions for up to four weeks.

Say goodbye to guesswork – get personalised advice and feedback based on your individual nutritional needs and health goals.

Stop wasting money on unnecessary supplements – discover the key nutrients you need to pay attention to, and exactly where to get them from, with a food-first approach.

Develop practical healthy eating skills – learn how to navigate the nutritional challenges of a plant-based diet with confidence and avoid common deficiencies.

Be the best version of you – increase your energy, improve your sleep and digestive health, and enjoy a healthier, happier you!

You won’t be doing all the hard work by yourself any more – you’ll have a cheerleader in your corner to help keep you motivated and accountable as you make changes to optimise your diet.


Are you following, or considering moving to, a plant-based diet and want to make sure you’re ticking all the necessary nutritional boxes to achieve optimal health?

Sadly, many people give up veganism or vegetarianism because they start to experience symptoms of nutrient deficiency. Sometimes, these can take years to manifest. This isn’t because plant-based diets are inferior, but because people often don’t educate themselves properly about their new nutritional needs and don’t plan their diet, or survive almost entirely on heavily processed foods.

It doesn’t have to be this way though! A 1-2-1 consultation with a plant-based nutritionist can help you avoid any shortfalls in your nutrition and give you 100% confidence in your food choices. 

If you’ve started to experience symptoms such as tiredness or a drop in energy, poor memory, constipation, diarrhoea, dry skin, or you just don’t feel like yourself, a Plant-Based Power Hour can help you get back on track.





Book a free 15 minute discovery call to ask any questions you have about the consultation so you can make sure it’s right for you, and I can understand your current situation.



When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll agree your start date and get you booked in for your Power Hour! Payment will be due at the time of booking your consultation.



Complete a seven-day food diary so I can carry out a detailed assessment and analysis of your current nutrition status. I will provide you with an app to help you do this.



Get feedback on your food diary, education on any areas that need attention, and food suggestions to help you close any nutrient gaps. Bring along all your questions!



We’ll have a 30-minute follow-up call to review how you’re getting on with implementing the changes you’ve made to your diet and see if you need any additional advice.



You’ll receive a FREE copy of my eBook Plant-Based Nutrition In A Nutshell (worth £10) – an in-depth guide to getting optimal nutrition from a plant-based diet. 

Please note, discovery calls are our opportunity to get to know each other. I am unable to provide any advice on these calls.


Hi, I’m Claire!

I’m a plant-based Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist, and I’ll be your nutrition coach and moral support for the duration of your Power Hour package.

I’ve been in your shoes. Since the start of my transition to a plant-based diet, unsurprisingly, getting optimal nutrition has been essential to me. I read book after book and scoured the internet for information – making a few mistakes along the way – but I still had unanswered questions. So, I decided to go back to school and learn the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition.

I came up with my own simple systems to help me enhance my diet, which have improved my health and wellbeing immeasurably, and I now work with people all around the world who want to do the same.


The calls will be carried out via Zoom video call, so you don’t even need to leave your house!

If you don’t have access to Zoom, a telephone call can be arranged instead.

Please schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me so I can understand your needs, and you can make sure this is right for you.

You will need to allow 60 minutes for the power hour, and 30 minutes for the follow-up call.

I aim to provide you with complete clarity, confidence and reassurance around your dietary choices so you can live your best plant-based life knowing that you’re getting optimal nutrition.

Your nutrition assessment will provide me with insight into your current eating habits, and will highlight any areas you need to focus on that may not be ideal. The advice you receive during the Power Hour will be tailored to the results of your assessment, and also around any questions you may have about your diet.

It will help your session tremendously if you come prepared with questions – you can ask me anything, so don’t hold back!

Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to have additional follow-up calls and/or nutritional assessments to help you reach your health goals. These can easily be arranged, and if taken within six months of your Power Hour, you can take advantage of heavily reduced consultation rates. Full details will be provided upon request.

You’ll get unlimited access to a plant-based nutritionist (me!) during the time period between your Power Hour and follow-up call.

You will also receive a FREE copy of my eBook Plant-Based Nutrition In A Nutshell (worth £10).

You will be given access to an app where you can record your meals, snacks and drinks for seven days. This is very easy to do – the app has a vast database of foods and barcode scanning for quick entry.

The food diary should be completed under your usual circumstances, i.e. not when you are on holiday.

You should eat a diet that is normal for you while you complete the food diary in order to get the most valuable feedback. I need to see a true representation of your diet in order to help you properly.

The food diary needs to be completed at least three working days prior to your Power Hour, and payment must be received before I start doing any nutrition analysis.

Plant-based diets can support many health complaints, however, Plant-Based Power Hours are not designed to address nutritional status in relation to the treatment of medical conditions.

It is within my scope of practice to assist you with generalized plant-based nutrition, or I can provide a referral to a dietitian who can help you with medical nutritional therapy if this is what you are looking for.

Just contact me to discuss your needs.

Full payment is due upon booking your Power Hour.

Just drop me an email or fill out my contact form and I’ll be happy to help.

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